Course Description

This course looks at advanced ASP.NET Core techniques and API features. We’ll take a particularly keen look at the new techniques features available in ASP.NET Core.

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced controller and view techniques
  • Using platform features
  • Creating robust and reliable MVC solutions
  • Implementing OWIN middleware components
  • Creating full-duplex web sockets solutions
  • Implementing security
  • Developing and deploying Azure solutions



3 Days


Target Audience

This advanced course is aimed at developers who are comfortable with core ASP.NET MVC development and need to round off their knowledge.


Course Prerequisites

  • 3-6 months experience in ASP.NET MVC


Suggested Follow on Courses

There are a number of options. Please contact us for further information.


Course Content

MVC Techniques:

  • Controller techniques
  • Defining filters
  • Implementing compression
  • Model binding techniques

Client and Server Platform Features:

  • Caching; Globalization and localization
  • HTML5 semantic tags
  • HTML5 accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimization

Error Handling, Logging, and Monitoring:

  • Getting started with code contracts
  • Using code contracts
  • Handling errors
  • Implementing logging and monitoring

Web Sockets:

  • Understanding web sockets
  • Defining a web sockets server
  • Defining a web sockets client
  • Using SignalR

Implementing Middleware components:

  • Overview of the HTTP pipeline
  • Overview of OWIN
  • Implementing OWIN middleware components
  • Advanced techniques

Designing and Implementing Security:

  • Overview of authentication;
  • Implementing Windows authentication
  • Implementing forms authentication
  • Implementing OAuth authentication

Additional Security Techniques:

  • Implementing claims-based authentication
  • Managing data integrity
  • Implementing a secure site
  • Identity Server 4

Windows Azure Development:

  • Windows Azure concepts
  • Windows Azure architecture and components
  • Creating a cloud service application
  • Running a cloud service application

Deploying Services to Azure:

  • Web Deploy using Visual Studio
  • Web deployment packages
  • Command-line tools for Web Deploy
  • Deploying to Windows Azure


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