Course Description

ASP.NET MVC has grown into a sophisticated and powerful web development framework. Recent additions to the platform have increased its breadth and complexity, which means there’s more than ever for developers to get to grips with.

This course looks at advanced ASP.NET MVC techniques and API features. The course is aimed at developers who are comfortable with core ASP.NET MVC development and need to round off their knowledge. We’ll take a particularly keen look at the new features available in MVC 6.

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced controller and view techniques
  • Using platform features
  • Creating robust and reliable MVC solutions
  • Dependency injection
  • Testing an MVC application using
  • Implementing OWIN middleware components
  • Creating full-duplex web sockets solutions
  • Implementing security
  • Developing and deploying Azure solutions



3 Days


Target Audience

.NET developers with at least 6 months experience using ASP.NET MVC 5 or 6


Course Prerequisites

3-6 months experience in ASP.NET MVC


Suggested Follow on Courses

There are a number of options. Please contact us for further details.


Course Content

MVC Techniques

  • Controller techniques
  • Defining filters
  • Implementing compression
  • Model binding techniques

Client and Server Platform Features

  • Caching
  • Globalization and localization
  • HTML5 semantic tags
  • HTML5 accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimization

Error Handling, Logging, and Monitoring

  • Getting started with code contracts
  • Using code contracts
  • Handling errors
  • Implementing logging and monitoring

Dependency Injection

  • DI concepts
  • DI techniques in ASP.NET MVC 6
  • Design and architecture considerations

Test Driven Development with ASP.NET MVC

  • Recap of TDD
  • Introduction to xUnit.NET
  • Walk-through of using TDD with ASP.NET MVC 6

Web Sockets

  • Understanding web sockets
  • Defining a web sockets server
  • Defining a web sockets client
  • Using SignalR

Implementing Middleware components

  • Overview of the HTTP pipeline
  • Overview of OWIN
  • Implementing OWIN middleware components

Designing and Implementing Security

  • Overview of authentication
  • Implementing Windows authentication
  • Implementing forms authentication
  • Implementing OAuth authentication

Additional Security Techniques

  • Implementing claims-based authentication
  • Managing data integrity
  • Implementing a secure site

Windows Azure Development

  • Windows Azure concepts
  • Windows Azure architecture and components
  • Creating a cloud service application
  • Running a cloud service application

Deploying Services to Azure

  • Web Deploy using Visual Studio
  • Web deployment packages
  • Command-line tools for Web Deploy
  • Deploying to Windows Azure

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