Workshop Description

In this workshop, Java developers will learn practical techniques for securing their web applications for a hostile Internet. Combining hands-on workshops with classroom sessions helps develop a joined-up understanding of threats and how to mitigate them and to reduce overall risk to applications and the businesses they serve.



3 days


Target Audience

Java developers with 1-2 years (or more) experience.


Course Prerequisites

A working knowledge of the Linux environment. Some familiarity with web development and Javascript. A working knowledge of Java or .NET development will be very useful. Previous security experience (or awareness / interest) also an advantage, but not essential.


Suggested Follow on Courses

There are a number of options. Please contact us for further information.


Course Content

Day 1: PM – Day 3 AM

6 separate 1/2 day workshops on each group of vulnerabilities, following the same format:

Introduction to vulnerability set, outline objectives and brief class.

Each team then needs to consider:

Attack: How to identify and exploit weaknesses
Defend: Fix and defend, prevent exploitation

Then each team:

1) Deploys their fixed solution
2) Attacks another group’s solution

Wrap-up and review


Day 3: 4 PM (Final session)
Brainstorming & take-aways

Security and Architecture


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