Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the full range of HP-UX user commands and utilities. Students will develop shell programming and vi editing skills.



3 days


Target Audience

End Users and Programmers who are new to the Unix and HP-UX Environment


Course Prerequisites

Students should be comfortable with computers. No familiarity with Linux or other Unix operating systems is required.

If you have any questions or doubts as to whether you meet the pre-requisites for this course, or indeed are wondering which course best suits you, please contact us to discuss your suitability for course attendance.


Suggested Follow on Courses

There are a number of options of suitable follow-on courses, depending on your business needs. Please contact us for further details.


Course Content

1. Getting Started

2. The File System – Files

3. The File System – Directories

4. Editing With vi

5. More Editing With vi

6. Personal Utilities

7. Text Handling Utilities

8. File System Security

9. File System Management Utilities

10. Communication Utilities

11. Using the Shell

12. Filename Generation

13. UNIX Processes

14. Shell Programming Concepts

15. Flow Control

16. Variables

17. Special Variables

18. More Flow Control


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