Course Description

Python is a powerful and popular object-oriented scripting language. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the core syntax and functions provided by Python, including full coverage of its object-oriented features. The course also explores some of Python’s powerful APIs and techniques, including file handling, XML processing, object serialization, and Web services.

What you’ll learn
  • Writing clean Python code
  • Working with functions and objects
  • Working with text and regular expressions
  • Handing exceptions
  • Manipulating files and XML data
  • Working with web services



3 days


Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who needs to learn how to write programs in Python.


Course Prerequisites

  • At least 6 months programming experience
  • Familiarity with OO concepts would be an advantage

If you have any questions or doubts as to whether you meet the pre-requisites for this course, or indeed are wondering which course best suits you, please consult with us to discuss your suitability for course attendance.


Suggested Follow on Courses


Course Content

  • Getting Started with Python: Overview of Python; Installing Python; Getting ready to develop
  • Python Language Fundamentals: Overview of core Python syntax rules; Simple data types and variables; Object essentials; Flow control
  • Working with Functions: The benefit of functions; Writing and calling functions; Passing parameters
  • Exception Handling: Overview of exceptions in Python; Handling exceptions; Raising exceptions; Design issues
  • Collections: Overview of collections in Python; Lists; Tuples; Sets; Dictionaries
  • Strings and Regular Expressions: Overview of strings in Python; Basic string manipulation; Introduction to regular expressions; Using regular expressions in Python
  • Classes and Iterators: Defining classes; Instance variables; Iterators; Creating and initializing objects
  • File Handling: Overview of file handling in Python; Reading and writing text files; Working with binary files; Streaming and serializing Python objects
  • XML Processing: XML essentials; Parsing XML documents; Searching for XML content; Generating XML data
  • Web Services: Overview of Web services; Implementing Web services using Python; Caching; Compression; Handling redirects


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