Course Description

Oracle recently released Java 8. This one-day seminar lifts the lid on the host of new features in this exciting new platform.



1 day


Target Audience

Java developers and designers who are looking to adopt Java 8 and see what it has to offer.


Course Prerequisites

Extensive experience in the Java language.


Suggested Follow on Courses

There are a number of options of suitable follow-on courses, depending on your business needs. Please contact us for further details.


Course Content

Setting the scene: What is Java 8? When is it due? Where can I get it?

Lambda expressions: What are lambda expressions? Formal syntax for lambda expressions; Lambda expression simple syntax; Lambda expressions that return a value; Lambda expressions with multiple arguments; Lambda expressions and scope; Common usage scenarios

Method enhancements:Method references; Constructor references; Default methods; Static methods in interfaces

New functional interfaces: Function<T,R>; Predicate<T>; Consumer<T>; Supplier<T>; BinaryOperator<T>; Additional new functional interfaces

Streams: Sequential vs. parallel streams; Immediate vs. terminal operations; Stream example; Lazy evaluation; A closer look at immediate and terminal operations; Primitive-specialized streams

Enhanced collections API: Iteration; New methods in List<T>; New methods in Map<K,V>

Enhanced concurrency API: ConcurrentHashMap; CompletableFuture; CountedCompleter; Adders and accumulators; Additional new features

Some additional bits ‘n’ pieces: Time; IO / NIO additions; Reflection and annotation changes; Nashorn JavaScript Engine


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