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This Introduction to Linux training course will give you a good working knowledge of Linux, from both a graphical and command line perspective, allowing you to easily navigate through any of the major Linux distributions.This accredited Linux course is designed to work with a wide range of Linux distributions such as Redhat, Suse Ubuntu and Debian.

Fundamentals of Linux

Course Code



4 Days

Course Fee



Linux Foundation


Those who attend the entire course will receive a digital Certificate of Course Completion from the Linux Foundation™.

Target Audience

This Linux Fundamanetals training is designed for people who have little or no prior experience with Linux or Unix. System administrators, developers, architects, decision makers or new Linux users can all benefit from the content covered in this class, especially if they are looking to work with more involved topics such as Linux system administration, network management and enterprise system architecture.


Attendee Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this Linux course. If you are unsure of your suitability, please contact us and we will assist you with any queries, you may have.


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Course Description

This Introduction to Linux training course will give you a good working knowledge of Linux, from both a graphical and command line perspective, allowing you to easily navigate through any of the major Linux distributions.This accredited Linux course is designed to work with a wide range of Linux distributions such as Redhat, Suse Ubuntu and Debian.

Course Outline

1.    Introduction
Linux Foundation Training
Laboratory Exercises

2.    Preliminaries
The Command Line
Linux Distributions and Desktops

3.    Linux Philosophy and Concepts
Linux History
Linux Philosophy
Linux Community
Linux Vocabulary
Linux Distributions

4.    Boot Process
Linux Kernel and initramfs
init and Services

5.    Linux Installation
Planning the Installation Process
Source Media
Doing the Install

6.    Graphical Interface
Graphical Layers
Session Management
Exploring the Filesystem
Customizing the Graphical Desktop

7.    System Configuration from the Graphical Interface
System Settings
Display Settings
Network Manager
NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Graphical Software Package Management

8.    Finding Linux Documentation
Documentation Sources
The UNIX Manual
GNU Info
Command Help
Other Documentation Sources

9.    Common Applications
Internet Applications
Office Applications
Multimedia Applications
Graphics Editors

10.    Text Editors
Available Text Editors
Creating a File Without an Editor

11.    Command-line Operations
Command Line Operations and Options
Basic Operations
Command Prompt
Searching for Files
Package Management

12.    User Environment
Environment Variables
Key Shortcuts
Command History
Command Aliases
File Ownership and Permissions

13.    Text Operations
Miscellaneous Text Utilities
Sorting, Cutting, Pasting, Joining, Splitting
Regular Expressions and grep

14.    File Operations
Partitions and Mount Points
Network File Systems
Filesystem Layout
Working with Files
Comparing Files
File Types
Compressing Data

15.    Bash Shell Scripting
Command Substitutions and Arithmetic
If Conditions and Tests
Looping Structures
Case Structure
Creating Temporary Files and Directories

16.    Processes
Introduction to Processes
Process Attributes
Load Averages
Process Control
Starting Processes in the Future

17.    Printing
CUPS and Printer Configuration
Printing Operations
PostScript and PDF

18.    Networking
Networking Interfaces and Configuration
Networking Utilities and Tools

19.    Local Security Principles
Local Security
When to Use Root
Bypassing User Authentication


There is no exam associated with this basic Linux course.

Learning Path

On completion of this course, you can take the following Linux Foundation™ certification path below:

  • Linux Foundation™ Certified Administrator GTLFCS
  • Linux Foundation™ Certified Engineer GTLFCE


If you prefer not to following the Linux Administration path, there are many other courses which you could consider like:

  • Introduction to Linux, Open Source and GIT GTLF1
  • Developing Applications for Linux GTLF2

See more courses on our Linux Foundation™ page.



Ways to Attend
  •  Attend a public course, please check our Schedule
  • Private onsite Team training also available, please Contact Us to discuss. We can customise this course to suit your business requirements.

Private Team Training is available for this course

We deliver this course either on or off-site in various regions around the world, and can customise your delivery to suit your exact business needs. Talk to us about how we can fine-tune a course to suit your team's current skillset and ultimate learning objectives.

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What Our Clients Say

“I particularly liked the heavy hands on sessions that went on with the training. Other than that, really liked Mark's training style. His experience in the field really shines through.”


Docker - GTDK1

Feb ‘19

“Instructor's ability to demonstrate new features that are not part of the course help show his mastery as well as prepare us for changes in the technology. Great work.


Using Docker & Kubernetes in Production - GTK8SG

Oct ‘18

“This course was an excellent insight into the Cloud Service Management world and equips me with the tools to go back to my company and build upon it.”


Cloud Service Manager - GTC13

Jan ‘19


''Fantastic course, looking forward to applying this in my work and home life. Excellent, practical approach, very motivational. I think the entire company should attend training.''


Being Agile in Business - GTBAB

Sept '19

“Excellent instructor. You can tell he really understands the concepts he's presenting and is very passionate about his work. He answered every question we asked and presented the course in an interesting and involving manner.”


Spring Boot Development - GTIT40

Nov ‘18

"Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet
getting the work done"

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux and GIT

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