About Us

GuruTeam offers a valuable onsite technical ICT learning service to clients with a requirement for highly skilled technology learning, without the hassle and higher costs which can be incurred when sending employees away to attend training courses. We specialise in formulating customised learning programmes which meets the specific needs of your IT staff and business environment.

Our Mission Statement:

“To deliver an enthusing and valuable learning experience, equipping our clients with the vital skills applicable to their work environment, bringing true business value to each organisation we work with.”

What Makes us Different:

Our Carefully Chosen Highly Skilled Instructors

GuruTeam instructors are specialist consultants who are experts in their field and have had on average over 20 years of experience in both training delivery and consulting worldwide. Their real world experience is invaluable in their ability to design and deliver specialised courses for you.

Each GuruTeam instructor has a true interest and passion for the technologies which they teach. This clearly reflects in their methods of delivering each course. Because of our instructors’ approach, delegates who attend our courses not only gain new skills and tools which they can immediately apply to their work environment but a fresh enthusiasm for the implementation and management of these new technologies.


Our Course Structure, Care Planning

You can avail of our previously prepared courses or we can tailor and even design a new course especially for your needs. All courses can be modified and condensed to suit your business requirements. Before we propose final course contents we arrange for our instructors to speak with a nominated technical contact within your company to discuss both the current and required skill levels as well as the objectives of the IT staff for whom the course is being delivered. This is invaluable for both you and for us as it clarifies your exact needs. It means that we can focus the entire course based on those needs, omitting any unnecessary content which may be vendor specific and irrelevant to your business objectives. This saves valuable company training time and very importantly, your costs.


Practise Enhances Skills, Ample Lab Exercises

We place great emphasis on the benefits of performing numerous challenging lab exercises throughout our courses. This has been proven to help you to learn more efficiently and retain newly learned hands-on skills. This also has more lasting benefits which you will experience when you return to your work environment.


Course Delivery, We Exceed Expectations

Very importantly we teach around consulting. Thus we bring not just the world of the classroom but the world of architectural and operational advice to the delivery of a course. So, though we talk about Operating Systems and Development, we always are talking about the continuous strategy of delivery, and what brings that so that operationally things are easier. Additionally, we are always happy to talk about the internals, so that when things fail you can understand and ensure that things can be resolved.

We are also familiar with the Business Pressures involved in delivery, what can short cut how things work. For example, when is it faster to install by hand, and when is it better to automate for reliability and scale. Also how to assess costs of technologies for your business; where the risks are; what can be done to reduce both of these issues.

The answers in the book, are never the only answer, the trick is to understand your journeys and bring you through a nicer route of learning to a better solution, with better views of how to go forward.


We will come to you

Our hassle-free mobile training service can be arranged at your preferred location. Whether you have a training room on your business premises where you would like to host a course with an option of using your own equipment (on the basis it meets the required specifications), or perhaps you would prefer your delegates to be trained at an offsite location, but accessible to the workplace we can arrange this also. We have a number of training locations around Ireland which are fully equipped to host training courses ensuring an optimal learning environment with access to all amenities. This opportunity is ideal as it omits unnecessary travel time, and therefore costs to your business.

For details of the equipment spec which we can bring to your chosen training location see: our equipment.


Feedback, Why Instructor Led? – What our Course Attendees Say

From speaking with our course attendees during and after our courses, we have found that the most effective and preferred method of training is Instructor led courses which are attended in person. This is why we have focused our service offering this form of training.

The personal interaction between the course delegates and GuruTeam instructors is a vital part of knowledge and skills transfer. Each delegate may have individual queries or scenarios which may relate to their own specific technology environment which they may wish to discuss in person with the Instructor perhaps at break time, or after the course. Our course participants say that this is invaluable to them. This instructor led type of training environment lends to more open, personal and beneficial discussions between both delegate and instructor.

Those who attend our courses leave not just with new skills and tools which they can immediately apply to their business environment, but with a greater enthusiasm which is inspired by our highly skilled Instructors who have a natural interest and zeal for the technologies in which they specialise. Because of all aspects of our training service are truly client focused, our delegates consistently say that our training delivery has exceeded their expectations.

We have also recently become re-sellers of training services for the UK and Europe for Web Age Solutions, USA and Canada. We can deliver many of their courses in Ireland, the UK and Europe.