ORACLE APEX (Version 4.2.5) – GTD24

Course Description

Application Express is Oracle’s lightweight database-centric web development tool that can be used to easily create small, simple web applications. It is ideally suited for the developer coming from the Oracle Forms/Reports world that wants to learn to develop a web application from scratch. It is equally useful for data managers that would like to move their data (and applications) from a single user environment such as a spreadsheet or Microsoft Access application to database repository. It provides great functionality for managing the database structures and actual data within an Oracle database.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the Oracle APEX architecture
  • Use SQL Workshop/Utilities
  • Build a database-centric Web application using Application Builder
  • Build a Websheet application
  • Administer an APPLICATION EXPRESS Workspace


  • Introduction to Oracle APPLICATION EXPRESS
  • From the Developer’s Perspective
  • Application Design Requirements
  • Using SQL Workshop
  • Application Builder Basics
  • Basic Forms and Reports
  • Advanced Forms and Reports
  • Pages
  • Developer Toolbar
  • Tabular Forms
  • Interactive Reports
  • Calendar Reports
  • Chart Reports
  • Page ControlsItems
  • Security
  • Application Deployment
  • Additional Developer Tools
  • APEX Plug-ins
  • APEX 4.2 New Features
  • Websheets
  • Websheet Example
  • APEX Workspace Administration
  • Team Development
  • Dynamic Actions
  • APEX Plug-ins
  • APEX and SQL Developer
  • Advanced/Enhanced Tabular Forms
  • Application Security
  • Advanced Charting in Apex
  • Apex APIs



4 days


Target Audience

This course is designed for developers coming from the Oracle Forms/Reports world or those who wants to learn to develop a web application from scratch. It is equally useful for data managers who would like to move their data (and applications) from a single user environment such as a spreadsheet or Microsoft Access application to database repository.


Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, students should have a basic understanding of SQL and PL/SQL


Suggested Follow on Courses

There are a number of options of suitable follow-on courses, depending on your business needs. Please contact us for further details.


Course Content

Introduction to Oracle APPLICATION EXPRESS

  1. What is Oracle APEX?
  2. Benefits
  3. Architecture and Installation
  4. Capabilities
  5. Typical APEX Applications
  6. Major Components
  7. APEX Resources

From the Developer’s Perspective

  1. Workspace Concepts
  2. Workspace Login
  3. APEX Components
  4. Application Builder Overview
  5. Demonstration Applications
  6. SQL Workshop Overview

Application Design Requirements

  1. Identify system requirements
  2. APEX specific design issues
  3. From ERD to Tables

Using SQL Workshop

  1. Accessing SQL Workshop
  2. Using Object Browser
  3. Executing SQL Commands
  4. Working with SQL Scripts
  5. Using Query Builder
  6. Accessing Utilities submenu
  7. Using Data Workshop
  8. Generating DDL
  9. Establishing User Interface Defaults
  10. Managing the Recycle Bin
  11. Using Schema Comparison
  12. Using About Database
  13. Application Builder Basics
  14. Understand the Basics of Application Builder
  15. Application Builder Terms
  16. Methods of Creating an Application
  17. Editing Application Properties

Basic Forms and Reports

  1. Creating a Form
  2. Creating a Report
  3. Understanding Session State
  4. Declarative BLOBs

Advanced Forms and Reports

  1. Pages
  2. Developer Toolbar
  3. Tabular Forms
  4. Interactive Reports
  5. Calendar Reports
  6. Chart Reports

Page Controls

  1. Items
  2. Buttons
  3. Validations
  4. Computations
  5. Processes
  6. Branching
  7. Dynamic Actions


  1. Overview of Security
  2. Authentication
  3. Creating a Authentication Scheme
  4. Authorization
  5. Creating an Authorization Scheme
  6. Access Control
  7. Session State Protection

APEX 4.2 New Features

  1. Themes for Mobile Apps
  2. HTML5 Charts
  3. HTML5 Item Types
  4. Mobile Calendars
  5. Packaged Applications
  6. Restful Web Services


  1. Websheet Page Structure
  2. Navigation
  3. Help
  4. Markup Syntax
  5. User Authentication
  6. User Authorization
  7. Sections
  8. Administration
  9. 1 New Features

Websheet Example

  1. This chapter is devoted entirely to an exercise building a websheet from scratch

APEX Workspace Administration

  1. Environmental Information
  2. Manage Service
  3. Managing Users and Groups
  4. APEX Instance Administrator

 Team Development

  1. Team Development Overview
  2. Team Development Interface
  3. Features
  4. Milestones
  5. To Do Items
  6. Bugs
  7. Feedback
  8. News

Dynamic Actions      

  1. Dynamic Action Definitions
  2. Disable/Enable Dynamic Actions
  3. Hide/Show Dynamic Actions
  4. Triggering Events
  5. Using PL/SQL and Javascript in Dynamic Actions

APEX Plug-ins

  1. Create an Item-type plug-in
  2. Create a region-type plug-in
  3. Create a dynamic action plug-in
  4. Create a process type plug-in

APEX and SQL Developer

  1. Understand the functionality available for APEX via SQL Developer
  2. Become familiar with APEX Reports available in SQL Developer








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