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This Introduction to MySQL Databases training course teaches the configuration, security management, administration, backup and restore, and optimization of MySQL databases.

Introduction to MySQL Databases

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3 Days

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Target Audience

  • This Introduction to MySQL Databases training course is suitable for IT professionals with basic programming experience.

Attendee Requirements

  • Experience in the following areas is required: General SQL knowledge and principles, Understanding of DDL objects – tables, Indexes, constraints and others, and Basic knowledge hardware and OS.

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Course Description

This Introduction to MySQL Databases training course teaches the configuration, security management, administration, backup and restore, and optimization of MySQL databases.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Database Concepts and MySQL

Features of a Relational Database

Where does SQL Fit in?

Database Access

Why MySQL?

The History of MySQL

2. Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading

MySQL Software

MySQL Software Features

Preparing to Install MySQL

Available Client Software

After the Download

Configuring the Server

Starting the Server

The Initial User Accounts

Verifying Server Operation


Copying a Database Between Architectures

Environment Variables

3. Database Design

Developing the Design of a Database

Database Entities

The Primary Key

Foreign Key Relationships

Data Models and Normalization

Second Normal Form (2NF)

Third Normal Form (3NF) and Beyond

Translating a Data Model into a Database Design

4. Using the mysql Command-Line Tool

Running the mysql Client

Customizing the mysql Prompt

mysql Commands

Using the Help Command

Some Useful mysql Options

Working with a Database

Examining Table Definitions

Other SHOW Options

5. DDL: Data Definition Language

DDL and DML Overview

Building Table Definitions


Column Definitions

Numeric Datatypes

ENUM and SET Types

Date and Time Datatypes


UNIQUE Constraints

Primary Keys

Modifying Tables

Foreign Keys

Renaming and Dropping Tables

6. MySQL Storage Engines

Storage Engine Overview

Other Storage Engine Types

The Basics of Commonly Used Storage


MyISAM Limits and Features

MyISAM Data File Format

InnoDB and Hardware Limitations

InnoDB Shared Tablespace


InnoDB Per-Table Tablespaces

InnoDB Data Management



7. Utilities

Client Overview

Specifying Options for Command-Line


Client Option Files

Checking Tables with myisamchk and


Using myisamchk and mysqlchk for


mysqlshow and mysqlimport

Using mysqldump

The Query Browser

MySQL Query Browser: Deeper

MySQL Administrator: Basic


MySQL Administrator: Monitoring the

Server and User Administration

Third Party Tools

8. Administering a Database and Users

The Server-Side Programs

Starting the MySQL Server

Using SET for Server Options

Table Management

Server Log Files


Backup and Restore

Miscellaneous Functions

User Account Management

Understanding User Privileges

User Account Rights Management

User Account Privileges

Managing Access to the Database


9. Database Programmability

Stored Routines: Basic Concepts

Routine Creation and Use

Flow Control Statement

Writing Blocks of Code


Stored Routines, Triggers, and the

Binary Log


Prepared Statements

10. Optimization and Performance


Hardware Limitations

Optimizing the MySQL Server’s

Interaction with the External


Adjusting the MySQL Server


Optimizing Your Database

Optimizing Queries

The Use of Indexes to Support Queries

Thinking about JOIN Queries

Query Sorts, Indexes, and ShortCircuiting


Table Locks

Some General Optimizations

Optimizations Specific to MyISAM

Optimizations Specific to InnoDB

11. MySQL Programming Interfaces

Database Application Architectures

Connecting MySQL to ODBC

Connecting MySQL to MS/Office and


Connecting to MySQL from Perl

Programming Perl to MySQL

Connecting to MySQL from PHP

Programming PHP to MySQL

Learning Path
Ways to Attend
  • Attend a public course, if there is one available. Please check our Schedule, or Register Your Interest in joining a course in your area.
  • Private onsite Team training also available, please Contact Us to discuss. We can customise this course to suit your business requirements.

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