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This Introduction to Modern Security training course is overview of  up-to-date Security in a Development environment. Some labs are integrated as part of this session, so participants are required to bring a laptop.

Introduction to Modern Security

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1 Day

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Target Audience

  • Developers, Architects and Development Managers

Attendee Requirements

  • No specific requirements. 1-2 years development (ideally in Java or .NET) a significant advantage

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Course Description

This Introduction to Modern Security training course is overview of  up-to-date Security in a Development environment. Some labs are integrated as part of this session, so participants are required to bring a laptop.

Course Outline

– Assets and Data
– Intellectual Property and Secrets
– Physical Assets
– Asset Classification and Replaceability

   Risks and Threats
– Top Data Breaches
– Risks
– Key components of a Risk
– Top Sectors for Attacks

Security Primer
– Risks & Threat Glossary
– Encryption Glossary
– Cryptography Glossary
– Hashing – Digital Signature
– Breaking a cryptographic system

Four Case Studies
– SWIFT Messaging
– Bitcoin & Ransomware
– Sony Pictures
– Stuxnet

Security Basics
– Infrastructure Attacks
– Why Use Risk Metrics?
– Cognitive Biases
– Attack Types
– Operational Security (OpSec)
– The Rugged Manifesto

Security in the Enterprise
– Legal aspects and related definitions
– Understanding Technical and Operational Risk
– Complexity of Enterprise Environment
– Legacy, Lifetime and “Crossing the Chasm”
– Complex Threat Landscape
– Vendor Risk

Application Security Architecture
– Separation of concerns
– Authentication and Authorisation
– Entitlement systems
– Defence in Depth
– Static Analysis Techniques
– OWASP project

Web Security
– What’s Good About the Web?
– What’s Bad About the Web?
– Javascript is Really Evil
– SQL Injection
– Introduction to TLS
– TLS proxying

Case Studies
– HMRC Web Rebate
– Heartbleed
– Shellshock
– Mobile Security

The Future of the Web
– HTTP and HTTP/2
– Future Web Architecture

Learning Path
  • Please contact us is you wish discuss which course is best for you.
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What Our Clients Say

“I particularly liked the heavy hands on sessions that went on with the training. Other than that, really liked Mark's training style. His experience in the field really shines through.”


Docker - GTDK1

Feb ‘19

“Instructor's ability to demonstrate new features that are not part of the course help show his mastery as well as prepare us for changes in the technology. Great work.


Using Docker & Kubernetes in Production - GTK8SG

Oct ‘18

“This course was an excellent insight into the Cloud Service Management world and equips me with the tools to go back to my company and build upon it.”


Cloud Service Manager - GTC13

Jan ‘19


“The course was great. The instructor is true Kubernetes Ninja. Loved the hands on approach. Very happy with the course.”


Using Docker & Kubernetes in Production - GTK8SG

Oct ‘18

“Excellent instructor. You can tell he really understands the concepts he's presenting and is very passionate about his work. He answered every question we asked and presented the course in an interesting and involving manner.”


Spring Boot Development - GTIT40

Nov ‘18

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getting the work done"

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux and GIT

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